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September 16, 2014




New Japanese Buddyrider distributor welcomed on board

15 November, 2014

Kon'nichiwa and congratulations on becoming BuddyRiders latest distributor.


Buddyrider in November issue of Ponsonby News Magazine.

04 November, 2014

Check out Buddyrider in the latest issue of Ponsonby News Magazine (p99). Big thanks to behavioural psychologist and renowned dog trainer DoggyDan ( for giving Buddyrider the big 'Thumbs Up' at last months Auckland Pet Expo. ...."if the dogs love it and it gets people out of their cars and onto bikes then it got to be good".



Buddyrider now sold in AvantiPlus 

02 November, 2014

Buddyrider is now available in two new store locations: AvantiPlus Botany and Southend Cycles Levin. So what's the benefit of purchasing your Buddyrider from a 'real' store? For one, you can take your bike in store and make sure the Buddyrider will fit your bike. Once you've checked out the Buddyrider for size, get one of the store technicians to fit your Buddyrider while you and your pooch will be up and cycling in no time. Check out our Buddyrider resellers page for more details.




Buddyrider now in stock

06 October, 2014

If you're an Australian or New Zealand customer, BuddyRiders are in stock now. Order now and be cycling with your best mate this summer.


New Buddyrider Support Bar Assembly released.

22 September, 2014


Want a sneak preview of the latest design mods from Buddyrider? Check out

Buddyrider is set to unleash a couple of innovative new changes this October, which makes cycling with your Pooch even easier and more practical than it was before.

Replacing the previous design… a quick release clamp that mounted directly onto the bicycle seat post, Buddyrider has now opted for a more practical and secure two piece support bar that enables the primary unit to be installed or removed from the bicycle in a matter of seconds….all the while making it even more difficult for any untoward opportunist to walk off your Pooches’ ride wile your bicycle is unattended.

Nobody wants to come back after a day at the beach or a run around the park with their best mate to find their much loved bicycle and Buddyrider to be nowhere in sight, so if you’re likely to be leaving your bicycle and Buddyrider unattended for any length of time, Buddyrider suggests putting a small padlock through the locking pin……it’s not fool proof but it certainly is a deterrent!

The other thing that I really like about this new design is that by purchasing an extra bolt-on mounting bracket for your cycling partners’ bike, the Buddyrider can be interchanged between bicycles with the pull of the pin……now the whole family can take turns at having ‘Jack’ when they’re out for a ride on their bikes!

All in all, we’re very happy with the new design and we can’t wait to start letting other Australian and New Zealand cyclists share their passion for cycling with their pooch.

You can purchase your Buddyrider online at and start helping spread the word about how much fun you and your pooch are having this summer with your Buddyrider - the ultimate bicycle pet seat for dogs!


BuddyRider Order Delivery Status Update for Australian & New Zealand Customers

15 September 2014

To our valued BuddyRider customers

This is a quick status update for all our Australian and New Zealand customers who pre-purchased their BuddyRider on back order and are currently awaiting delivery.

As you know, we had anticipated your order to be available for shipping to you late August/early September but unfortunately our supplier has experienced several setbacks in securing shipping space for delivery from point of manufacture. I am told this issue is due to the high volume of goods requiring transit in the lead up to Christmas. The Buddyrider is now scheduled to arrive in port at our suppliers end on October 8. Following customs clearance and processing of the huge volume of BuddyRiders currently on global back order we now realistically don’t expect your Buddyrider to be delivered to you until mid to late October.

I realize that this must be very frustrating for you and certainly disappointing, but we will make every effort to ensure that your order is processed and dispatched to you with the greatest of urgency once our supplier has stock in hand.

We can only apologize for this delay but also hope that you take some comfort in knowing that your decision to pre-purchase a BuddyRider was the right thing to do – with limited stock arriving in October and the next consignment not scheduled to arrive until December, pre-purchasing has guaranteed that you’ll receive your Buddyrider - ahead of the pack!

It’s still not too late to pre-order for October delivery, but stock is running out fast! So if you have any friends, family or colleagues whom you think may be in interested in the Buddyrider for their pooch, please let them know that they need to get in quick. The Buddyrider is such a great product, I’m sure that they wouldn’t mind you passing on their details so we can contact them on your behalf.

Thanks again to everyone who’s pre-purchased already. We appreciate your patience and we can’t wait to see you and your best mate cycling around town with the knowledge that the Buddyrider is quite possibly the best personal investment that you’ve made this year!

Be sure to help spread the word, keep tabs on our social media and look out for further status updates on our website.

Best Regards,


Jason Shaw




Buddyrider launches in New Zealand and Australia

24 July, 2014

At long last the BuddyRider bicycle pet seat for dogs is now available in New Zealand and Australia!  Doors officially opened for business with the launch of and websites finally going live on July 24. Now that we're all systems go, is now the exclusive importer and distributor for the BuddyRider Bicycle Pet Seat for New Zealand and Australia...which is great news for all small dog owners and cyclists in this region. 

Our BuddyRider customers belong to a community of recreational cyclists and dog lovers who get to share their experiences, stories and videos through 'local' social media and events 'Downunder'.In time, our Australian and New Zealand customers will also be privy to various rewards and incentives for helping spread the word about the BuddyRider bicycle pet seat for dogs - so why not tell your friends, family and strangers about and be sure to ask them to give your name a mention when they purchase! Whats really great about buying locally is that as long as we have stock on hand, can fulfill your order in as little as 1 day, depending on your location and your shipping preferences, saving you and your pooch the anxiety of a long wait at the post box. We're currently out of stock but will be offering FREE shipping to both New Zealand (3 days approx) and Australia (10 days approx) once stock arrives, but if you really can't wait, select one of our alternative shipping options at the checkout.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention...We believe in giving a little back to help support those animals and pets that are less fortunate than our own, that's why for every BuddyRider that you purchase from, we'll donate $5 to one of your local animal charities....our customers and pooches go cycling knowing that their BuddyRider purchase has made a sure to follow us on Twitter and keep tabs on the latest charities that we've sponsored!

Current Status: Some of you may be aware that BuddyRider's are currently on global back order. If you want us to let you know as soon as stock arrives (which is scheduled for early September) be sure to add your name to the email subscriber list below. Even better, why not go to our Purchase Page right now and secure your BuddyRider ahead of the pack, that way you won't miss out and are guaranteed to be enjoying your summer months ahead of Christmas cycling with your pooch! 

So what are you waiting for, there's no excuses. You've come to this blog because you've seen the product and you think its great!  You know that the BuddyRider is exactly what you or your family need to be able to spend more time enjoying your passion for cycling without the guilt of leaving your best friend at home. The BuddyRider might just be the BEST investment that you've made for you and your pooch this year!

I hope everyone enjoys this website and I'm really looking forward to receiving your photo's, videos and stories about your experiences with the BuddyRider bicycle pet seat for dogs. Please keep a look out for new Blog posts, events, products and specials that we'll be posting on social media from time to time.




August 13, 2014


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Buddyrider on

Unboxing & Setup courtesy of Jordy the Papillon

BuddyRider in the News: Ode to the Inventor

Buddyrider Media Release

Bike Friendly North ShoreI know BikeFriendlyNorthShore is not main stream media but hey, everything good in life generally has humble beginnings and I'm really appreciative of Antoine from Bike Friendly North Shore to give us a mention on his website If there are any other willing good souls out there who would like to give us a plug on their website, social media, newspaper, magazine or even TV, I'm all for it....anything to promote the BuddyRider in New Zealand and Australia and build up a community of like minded cyclists who, like me, used to feel the guilt of going for a ride and leaving my best mate at home. No longer the case and now the whole family can enjoy a ride to the park, the beach or along a local cycle track together. Appreciate all your support in getting BuddyRideroff the ground 'DownUnder'!