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Bike Friendly North ShoreI know BikeFriendlyNorthShore is not main stream media but hey, everything good in life generally has humble beginnings and I'm really appreciative of Antoine from Bike Friendly North Shore to give us a mention on his website www.bikefriendlynorthshore.wordpress.com If there are any other willing good souls out there who would like to give us a plug on their website, social media, newspaper, magazine or even TV, I'm all for it....anything to promote the BuddyRider in New Zealand and Australia and build up a community of like minded cyclists who, like me, used to feel the guilt of going for a ride and leaving my best mate at home. No longer the case and now the whole family can enjoy a ride to the park, the beach or along a local cycle track together. Appreciate all your support in getting BuddyRideroff the ground 'DownUnder'!


Jason Shaw
Jason Shaw


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